is temporarily down :(

My server provider has notified me that something is going on, but I'm still trying to figure out what.
I just do this in my free time out of my own pocket, so I'm doing what I can. Sorry it's been down for a bit :(

Here's my plan to get the site back up. If something is past the due date and is not marked done, email me and tell me so -it'll encourage me to get back on schedule.
  1. ✅Get a version of the site going that only I can use so I can upload to Giphy- Due May 17th
  2. ✅Get one gif successfully uploaded using the Giphy API - Due May 19th
  3. ✅Get all gifs successfully uploading using the Giphy API- Due May 20th
  4. ✅Display "powered by giphy" banner/ prepare site for Giphy API - Due May 21st
  5. ✅Apply for Giphy Developer Key. Without this, we can only upload 10 gifs/day. Due May 22nd
  6. ✅While waiting - store giphy image url in database
  7. ✅Wait for Developer key to be accepted from Giphy <- I hope this happens fairly quickly. I've emailed them multiple times to get this expedited.
  8. Build script to wipe out temp directory more rapidly
  9. Switch to Private VPS once we have directory size under control
I'm doing this in my off time after work. Please motivate me by sending me an email or some money if you enjoy the site.